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GoElite is the manifestation of our vision of international students studying happily and successfully in Ireland - we share that vision with students and their parents. Thanks to the enthusiasm, experience and professionalism of our agents and collaborating schools, we are in a position to offer a personalised academic and cultural experience to our students. We believe in a fully rounded education, integrating intellectual, scientific, civic and social aspects which will open doors in terms of career and life opportunities for the future. GoElite puts a special emphasis on enhancing the projects and personal branding of each and every one of the parties involved in this purpose.

Deciding to Study at Secondary Level in Ireland

This decision can be a personal challenge and GoElite is here to help you, offering a wide range of options when choosing the type of school to attend: Public, Private or Private Boarding.

We work with a carefully selected range of public and private schools both in the city of Dublin and in a variety of less densely populated locations in Ireland, where there will be fewer international students. At GoElite we consider it of utmost importance to get to know the individual preferences of each student in order to select a center in which they will feel comfortable. This will allow them to achieve their full potential, getting the maximum benefit from their stay in Ireland.

We want to offer our partners and students the opportunity to be part of Irish life and culture. 

Ireland is a country in which education is considered the key to progress, combining a high quality education system with great social involvement. The quality of Irish education is recognized internationally and ranks highly in comparative studies. Ireland is one of the preferred European destinations among students from all over the world and is fast becoming the European capital of new technologies. Ireland offers all of this and more, in a safe environment, with friendly people where you can develop as a person and prepare to face future challenges. GoElite is here to guide and facilitate you on your exciting adventure.

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