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It is a great pleasure to welcome you to our website, where we hope you will find the support and assurance you need in making the important decision to invest in the future of your students and children.

We started this wonderful adventure in 2010, when we were receiving continuous requests from relatives, friends and friends of friends, asking us for different programs to help their children to learn and improve their English. At that point we limited ourselves to a small number of students per year and found ourselves able to meet their educational requirements easily while at the same time being able to keep a close eye on them.

Over the years, we have shared their experiences, helping them to overcome whatever challenges may have arisen in their academic and personal journey in a new and different culture away from their own family and social environment. This experience has equipped us to make their hopes a reality, bringing the students both educational and social advantages, helping their independence in growing away from their families and giving their parents the confidence they need to embark on this project with peace of mind.

This is how GoElite began, born of the enthusiasm that each and every one of those teenagers have taken back home and communicated to their relatives and friends. They in their turn have become participants in and spokespersons for the wonderful adventure of learning and speaking English while soaking up the culture of another country. We live in a multicultural world and and studying abroad will bring so many benefits in preparing these students for their future lives. The wide range of people in their world, from both their home country and their host country will help foster tolerance, understanding and empathy with others

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Montserrat Calvo

Director & Co-Founder


Sean McKenna

Director & Co-Founder

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Christine Lennon

North Region Coordinator

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Jurgita Mezeliene

South West Coordinator


Marco Balbona

Product Developer

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Mario Rubio

Community Manager


Kelly Fortune

Cork Coordinator


Noelia Ramiro Costa

Dublin Coordinator


Amanda Gahan

Dublin Coordinator

"From an early age, initially due to my parent's influence and later from my own experience, I understood that mastering English was essential in the modern world. As a child I attended private English lessons and intensive summer courses until I was old enough to travel alone. As a teen, my parents sent me to Ireland to attend my first immersive English course and I returned every summer, eventually working as an au pair to improve my knowledge of the language and culture. I have to say I had fallen in love with Ireland from the outset and was delighted to see how much my language skills improved.


I decided to do a third level course in Executive Bilingual studies and Business Administration, realising that this would open many doors to me. Having completed my studies I returned to Spain and spent twelve years working in management and communications in the family business. However, Ireland kept calling to me and I returned to set up a business, conscious also of the opportunities this would give my own children in terms of the English language and international relations.


Together with Irish partners I founded Eco, bringing students from all over the world and fitting them into academic and social life in Dublin with the same drive and dedication that I had devoted to my own children on moving to Ireland. I established contact with many prestigious schools both in Dublin and around the country. I later worked for one of the largest providers of English courses in Ireland, managing the Secondary School Education department for foreign students.


Excited by working with and expanding the High School program I now wish to offer students and their parents a special service combining the highest quality English language education opportunities with a caring and supportive experience for each student. To this end I have launched GoElite, working with schools of the highest standards, providing immediate attention to our students and carefully selecting local managers as contacts for students attending schools in more rural areas or the provinces.


We look forward to welcoming you to Ireland, your home away from home."

Montserrat Calvo Velo, Director at GoElite

Come, learn and grow with GoElite

For our part, we want to encourage each student to take this important step, your courage will be rewarded with a great academic and personal experience. You will be recognized and treated as an individual throughout and we will be here to help, advise and guide you from your arrival to your departure.

We're expecting you

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